Resources and Policies

At the Wisconsin Partnership Program (WPP), we  provide our applicants and grantees with the tools and support they need. This page includes useful information, policies and tools to help you develop and implement your projects. Current grantees should contact their program officer with further questions.

Grant Administration

The Wisconsin Partnership Program issues requests for partnership/proposals for both the community and faculty competitive grant programs. Interested applicants should review the Community Grants and/or the Faculty Grants pages.

Grant applications undergo a multistep review that may include Wisconsin Partnership Program staff members, university faculty and staff, and representatives from state and local agencies, and non-profit organizations. The process includes:

  • Technical review verifying eligibility and compliance with proposal requirements
  • Expert review consisting of independent assessment and scoring
  • Full committee review of top-ranked proposals and interview of applicants as applicable

Grant recipients receive a team orientation and agree to a memorandum of understanding that outlines grant requirements such as progress reports, financial reports and a final report.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy

The Wisconsin Partnership Program is subject to and complies with the diversity, equity, inclusion and equal opportunity policies of the UW System Board of Regents and UW–Madison.

A commitment to diversity and inclusion is integral to the Wisconsin Partnership Program’s mission to serve the public health needs of Wisconsin and to reduce health disparities and advance health equity through community partnerships, education and research. This policy is in alignment with those of the UW System and UW–Madison to inform the Partnership Program’s goals, objectives and processes.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy

Supplanting Policy

Supplanting means to replace, to take the place of, or to supersede. The Wisconsin Partnership Program prohibits any funds from being awarded that will supplant funds or resources otherwise available to applicants from other sources for the proposed project.

Supplanting Policy

Wisconsin Partnership Program Resources

Other Policies for Grantees

Evaluation Support

Evaluation is the systematic process by which a project is reviewed for progress, success and areas of improvement. The Wisconsin Partnership Program asks grantees to evaluate the work they do and provides resources in service of this request.

Evaluation Coaching and Resources

The following opportunities are routinely offered by experienced and knowledgeable Wisconsin Partnership Program evaluation staff:

  • One-on-one evaluation support. At any time, our grant recipients may request a meeting to get help with evaluation questions or concerns.
  • Evaluation protocol review. Grant recipients looking for another expert set of eyes to review their data collection plans, survey instruments or similar can request the assistance of Wisconsin Partnership Program evaluation staff.

For more information, please contact Wisconsin Partnership Program evaluator Lindsay Barone, PhD at

Current grantees and applicants can schedule a meeting with the WPP evaluator on to discuss evaluation questions. Other questions related to WPP grant programs should be directed to WPP’s program officers.

Supporting Community Grant Recipients

How does the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health support projects and organizations that the Wisconsin Partnership Program funds through its community grants program?

The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, through the Wisconsin Partnership Program, provides administrative support to the Wisconsin Partnership Program Oversight and Advisory Committee (OAC), a nine-member panel including representatives from urban and rural areas, the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, and the UW School of Medicine and Public Health. The OAC is responsible for directing and approving funds for public health initiatives (community grants).

Wisconsin Partnership Program staff and leadership are actively involved and provide a high level of support to community grant recipients. WPP provides support and engagement through a range of activities and interactions such as:

  • Capacity-building and convening activities
  • Mentorship in evaluation
  • Regular contact with grantees to provide support and answer questions
  • Review of progress reports and preparation of outcome reports
  • Support for reporting and compliance requirements
  • Developing convening events focused on education opportunities for issues and responsibilities common to community organizations

Some funding mechanisms, such as large-scale community grants ($500,000 or more), require an academic partner. Community grant applicants looking for academic partners can draw on a wide field of potential partners through the various schools, centers, institutes and offices at the 13 Universities of Wisconsin, or from other academic institutions. The Wisconsin Partnership Program provides information to support grantees in finding an academic partner.

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