Scope of Work Change Policy

Last updated: February 19, 2024


As indicated in the Memorandum of Understanding and Grant Agreement (MOU) between the Wisconsin Partnership Program (WPP) and the grant recipient, the scope of work for the project is based on the specific goals, aims, and activities stated in the approved application. Changes in the scope of work must be approved in writing by the WPP Executive Director.


Original grant end date: Date specified in the MOU, usually the last day of the month, after which expenditures may not be charged against the grant except to satisfy obligations incurred during the period of agreement.

Scope of Work: Specific goals, aims and activities stated in the approved application.


The Wisconsin Partnership Program’s governance committees, the Oversight and Advisory Committee (OAC) and the Partnership Education and Research Committee (PERC), follow standard Request for Proposal (RFP) guidelines, requirements, multistep review processes and selection criteria throughout the grantmaking process. This application and review process results in selection by the respective governance committee of grant recipients based on the proposed scope of work in the approved application. Therefore, changes to the scope of work are not typically allowed. However, we understand that opportunities or challenges may arise that warrant making changes to the approved scope of work. Changes in scope must comply with WPP’s Terms and Conditions.

In general, grant recipients may make changes in methodology, approach or activities to support the overarching goals, long-term objectives or specific aims of the approved application. However, grant recipients must obtain written prior approval by WPP for changes to the approved project’s overarching goals, long-term objectives, specific aims, or other significant changes. The grant recipient must make the initial determination of the significance of a change and should consult their Program Officer, as necessary.

Requests to change the scope of work, which include a budget revision and budget justification revision, require approval by the WPP Administrative Leadership Team, in consultation with the lead Program Officer. The WPP Administrative Leadership Team may decide that a change in scope of work request also requires approval by the OAC or the PERC, as appropriate.

Decisions are informed by the scope of work change request, as well as other pertinent information, including but not limited to the original approved application and reviewer comments and submitted progress and financial reports. Decisions to approve a change in scope request in full or in part, or decisions to reject a request either by the WPP Administrative Leadership Team or subsequently by the respective committee, are final and may not be appealed. Any scope of work changes made without prior WPP approval may result in disallowed costs, or other action taken in accordance with WPP’s Termination and Suspension policy.


Grant recipients shall submit the change in scope of work request at least six months prior to the original grant end date using the guidelines and forms provided by WPP. As part of the request, recipients must submit a revised budget and budget justification. Scope of work change requests submitted after the deadline will not be reviewed, and the grant recipient will be notified. If the original request is determined to be incomplete or inadequate, grant recipients will be given one final opportunity to revise their request. Subsequent revisions will not be considered.

Within 60 days of receipt by WPP, the grant recipient will be notified of the decision regarding the request by letter from the WPP Executive Director.