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Making an Impact

The Wisconsin Partnership Program is moving health forward through a wide range of projects and partnerships that align with our mission to improve health and advance health equity in Wisconsin.

Our strong portfolio of grant programs supports partnerships that propel medical research, enhance health education and workforce development, support community partnerships and advance health equity. Our grantees’ work reaches across the state to address a wide range of health challenges, diverse communities, populations and geographic areas.

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Boosting Teen Health

Social lockdown and school shutdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic took a significant toll on adolescent mental health. WPP delivered $1.6 million in grants to help elevate knowledge of the issue and jump-start projects with Wisconsin community groups who work with adolescents.

Grants by the Numbers

The Wisconsin Partnership Program has awarded 615 grants since 2004.


Community grants to support projects that improve health and advance health equity in diverse populations across the state


Education grants to prepare future health professionals to meet the health needs of the people of Wisconsin


Research grants to improve health and health care for patients and populations and reduce health disparities


Funding awarded since 2004


Wisconsin counties impacted by funded projects


Additional funding leveraged by grantees to sustain their projects

Grant and funding totals were calculated using data available from 2004–February 2024.

Outcomes and Impact

The Wisconsin Partnership Program produces outcome reports that detail grantee outcomes and accomplishments.

Funded Projects

Understanding Impact: Partnerships are Key

The Wisconsin Partnership Program is one of many organizations that influence health in Wisconsin, and our unique placement within the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health provides significant university resources, talent and expertise that enhance our impact.

We recognize that people’s health is influenced through many policies, structures and systems. We partner with health care systems, government, public health, schools, non-profit organizations, faith institutions and other organizations to advance shared goals for improving health in Wisconsin.

Partnerships That Move Health Forward

Learn how Wisconsin Partnership Program grantees positively impact health in Wisconsin.

Community Grants Evaluation Plan

To help us understand the impact of the diverse work we fund through community grants, the Wisconsin Partnership Program contracted with a company called Mathematica to help develop an evaluation strategy. Using input from a wide variety of Wisconsin Partnership Program stakeholders, including grant recipients, staff, Oversight and Advisory Committee members and others, a guidance document was created as part of this strategy. This document offers options for standardizing  data collection. Working collaboratively with grantees, the Wisconsin Partnership Program leverages key portions of this guidance document to create an individualized reporting templates and metrics for each project. These metrics are then utilized to track each project’s outcomes and progress. These steps enable the Wisconsin Partnership Program to better understand the impact of the projects it funds through community partners.